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Video Transcript: NAD+ IV Therapy Testimonial

Well, I first started coming here because I had major depression. I had a pre-existing condition; I was really sick for a really long time with stomach issues. It was hard to get out of bed, it was hard to eat, just lost a lot of weight, and it destroyed my motivation to really chase after and take control of my life. So, I couldn’t really live the life on the terms that I had even set for myself because of how sick I was.

Modern medicine in the hospital setting just wasn’t doing it for me and I needed to try something else. I was just kind of very desperate to look for a different solution.

So, I started with Taylor, a therapist here, and then I eventually moved on to the alternative medicine side. I’ve done NAD and Ketamine infusions and IMs. Both the Ketamine IMs and infusions have helped with my depression a lot and the NAD has completely eradicated my stomach problems

The process of NAD, it’s an infusion you get, you know. Needles’s suck but you get it in and then you get. If you take it really slowly, it’s not comfortable but it is very relieving afterwards.

It was kind of a rough start at first because I had been so sick, so it was kind of hard to even get in to do the infusions. But, after the first five I did, I believe ten total after the first five, it kept getting easier and easier and easier and that’s kind of the moral of the story. Keep doing it and it’ll eventually pay off. Which is basically the best part about; it is I’ve almost completely recovered, and I didn’t think I would.

I mean, I’m getting back into my life. I’m living, that’s the most important part to me. I can eat again, I can drink again, I have the motivation to hope to go back to school to take classes because I don’t feel like I’m just going to pass out or get sick.

That was the main proponent is I couldn’t live my life on my own life’s terms because I was just so out of it and gone. Then, the depression would work its way in with the sickness and I just wasn’t living. Now, I get the chance to spend time with people I care about and, do the things I want to do and, love things I want to love.

There’s a lot of people, there’s just genuine care and it’s kind of weird because you go to the hospital like you expect that, but you don’t always get it. There’s a type of empathy here that you can’t really find anywhere else. That professionalism is shown in Dr. Ballen and in my therapist. I’ve done a lot of therapist shopping: Taylor’s my favorite of all.

Alternative medicine, I swear by Ballen Medical I love a lot of the people here. They’re very professional in which I’ve not received that type of professionalism in hospital care. So, if there’s any story that’s like mine, I guarantee that you should try it out at least. Just give yourself the opportunity to give yourself that chance to get better, even if you don’t really know much about it at all.