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NAD 250mg/500ml fluid/1 Fast Vitamin Push-

Package of 4 for $1,120 ($280/each) or $400 bought individually.
This is ideal for antiaging and overall health and wellness, for those patients who are currently healthy and want to optimize their health or aging process.

NAD 500mg/500ml fluid/1 Fast Vitamin Push

Package of 4 for $1,920 ($480/each) or $600 bought individually.

This is ideal for boosters, health, and wellness patients who may have a chronic disease such as Lyme, mold, or history of autoimmune, have a history of treatment, feeling mildly ill but not completely in a health crisis or nonfunctional. Also, patients who may have had the ten-day treatment, but want to keep feeling well, they can come in and do boosters once a week, once a month, really depends on how they feel. This is ideal for athletes as well, someone wanting to boost their athletic performance, and have better results.

NAD 750mg/500ml fluid/1 Fast Vitamin Push

Package of 4 for $2,720 ($680/each) or $800 bought individually.
This is ideal for highly symptomatic patients with chronic illness, addiction, and any new diagnosis first treatment patients.

NAD+ IV Therapy in Denver, CO

Our expert staff at Colorado Recovery Infusion Center in Denver, CO, are highly experienced in administering IV therapy treatments in a safe, private, and nurturing environment.  Our doctors have over 20 years of experience and know-how to work with you to find a  therapy program that will get you back in control.

The CRIC provides our exclusive NAD+ IV therapy treatment programs to clients all over the Denver metro area, including Centennial, Greenwood Village, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and beyond.  If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders, then call us today at (720) 899-4770 or contact us today.