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Video Transcript: Ketamine Infusion Therapy Testimonial

My name is Xavier, I’m a patient here at the Colorado Recovery Infusion Center.  I‘ve been battling depression and anxiety. I think I had my first major anxiety attack when I was 13 and I’ve been on pretty much every single antidepressant possible and nothing seemed to help. So me being wanting to get the problem fixed, I started researching other options and ketamine was one of the most interesting but also for the people who’ve actually gone through it, it seems to be a good answer for people who aren’t reacting to the drugs the way that they’re supposed to be
So, I was getting three treatments in a row in the first month which was February. And then another three treatments like two weeks later and I haven’t had treatment since.  Ever since I’ve started doing the ketamine treatments, honestly after the first three,  the anxiety is not really at the forefront anymore.  I came out kind of feeling like I‘ve settled a lot of things that I’ve been holding on to for a really long time. It’s definitely put my life into perspective where I know that now after these treatments, I can actually handle what’s going on in my life instead of leaning on either alcohol or any other kind of drugs.  It’s mainly,  it’s rewired, if I can say rewired my brain to be able to kind of see the bigger picture and not stress about the little things. 
It’s also allowed me to be a lot more present in my day-to-day life.  Not thinking so far ahead or in the past, my life’s definitely changed a lot.  I’ve been a lot more calm through situations, I usually would have kind of freaked out about. Um honestly, the first six treatments to wonder for my mental health and stability.  So the biggest thing,  it’s not allowing my anxiety and depression to dictate my thoughts anymore. So it’s just kind of clarity for me, which has definitely been a benefit. [Dr.} Beth [Ballen] definitely really dives deep.  Especially with all the medications, I was on and we figured out what works best to the point where I’ve been able to get off my antidepressants which,  since I was 13 I never thought I’d be able to do so.  It’s her actually taking the time and listening to you instead of just writing a prescription,  saying this might make you feel better because I feel like for the last 15 years that’s what every doctor has done for me.