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Why Glutathione is the Most Popular Supplement for Athletes 

Why Glutathione is the Most Popular Supplement for Athletes Physical exertion and endurance activities can add unique challenges to having optimal nutrition. Achieving this through diet alone can be difficult, which is why supplemental infusions are often essential. The most popular supplement used by athletes is glutathione, as it has many benefits and is depleted … Continued

Boost Your Immune System

As winter months and flu season approaches, it’s important to maintain your health and boost your immune system. This year, with the persistence of the novel Coronavirus, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your immune system is at its peak. Colorado Recovery Infusion Center can help aid in your immunity to help … Continued

Ketamine Infusion Therapy Testimonial

Video Transcript: Ketamine Infusion Therapy Testimonial My name is Xavier, I’m a patient here at the Colorado Recovery Infusion Center.  I‘ve been battling depression and anxiety. I think I had my first major anxiety attack when I was 13 and I’ve been on pretty much every single antidepressant possible and nothing seemed to help. So … Continued

NAD+ IV Therapy Testimonial: Campbell

Video Transcript: NAD+ IV Therapy Testimonial Well, I first started coming here because I had major depression. I had a pre-existing condition; I was really sick for a really long time with stomach issues. It was hard to get out of bed, it was hard to eat, just lost a lot of weight, and it … Continued

Ketamine Testimonial

Video Transcript of Ketamine Testimonial from Jim: I first came to Ballen Medical [and the Colorado Recovery Infusion Center] back in September which would be 10 months ago. So I had been on medication,  for anxiety for almost 30 years.  The last Doc I had been seeing just kept dosing me up and up and … Continued