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Eating healthy and drinking water may be enough for the average person. But if you’re constantly pushing yourself to your physical limits, you need to adequately fuel – and refuel – IV therapy for athletes will make sure you’re on top of your game.

The key is in how well your body can produce energy and recover. It doesn’t matter how many carbs or grams of protein you consume if your body isn’t able to put those nutrients to good use. Fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids – all are crucial in converting energy and repairing the body during physical exertion. However, they can be hard to replenish during intense exercise.

With IV infusion therapy, you can fuel your body with the right fluids and micronutrients to power through any training program or athletic event.  Decrease your recovery time, soreness, and fatigue with Colorado Recovery Infusion Center’s IV infusion therapy for athletic performance.

Recover, Rebuild & Outperform

Athletes put a tremendous amount of stress on their bodies. During prolonged, intense exercise, your body has to adapt in a number of ways:

  • Blood flow to your digestive system is redirected to your muscles
  • Muscle exertion causes cell and tissue damage, as well as overheating
  • You start to sweat to cool off, causing dehydration and electrolyte imbalance
  • Your adrenal gland starts to release the stress hormone cortisol and will require more B vitamins
  • And as your body repairs your damaged muscle tissue, you begin to feel soreness, inflammation, and muscle cramps, which requires additional amino acids to address

We already know that dehydration can wreak havoc on athletic ability. Studies show that losing as little as 2% of your body weight in fluids can cause measurable decreases in performance. Anything more than 3% can have serious consequences, such as heat exhaustion or stroke. And athletes are known to sweat out 6-10% of their body weight during competition! Prehydrating and repleting after an event may aid in recovery.

It’s essential for you to stay well-hydrated before, during, and after exercise to maximize your recovery and results.

Drinking water is the obvious answer, right? Not necessarily. Unfortunately, drinking too much water can dilute your body of electrolytes. This can lead to increased muscle soreness and spasms, headaches, digestive and hydration issues, and joint pain. In fact, muscle cramping is one of the most common reasons cited by triathletes for not finishing a race.

The stress of overexertion also complicates the effectiveness of oral supplements. With blood flow going away from the digestive system and your body flooded with stress hormones, you’re often unable to fully absorb nutrients from food, powders, and pills — even if they’re designed for athletic enhancement.

The answer is to bypass the digestive tract altogether.

IV infusion therapy delivers what your body needs directly into your bloodstream, fueling faster recovery and heightened athletic performance. Under the direction of Dr. Beth Ballen, M.D., CRIC offers a powerful IV therapy solution crafted specifically for the needs of our athletic patients. It combines the essential fluids, vitamins, and minerals that rehydrate your body, enhance cellular energy production, promote muscle growth, and aid muscle repair post-workout.

Our standard IV infusions for athletes include:

  • Saline to fully replenish the loss of fluids and electrolytes
  • A mix of B vitamins, magnesium, and zinc to drive cellular and mitochondrial energy production
  • Vitamin C and glutathione, powerful antioxidants to strengthen collagen, repair muscles, and reduce inflammation
  • Amino acids to encourage muscle growth and combat stress on the body

That being said, all of our IVs are customized to our patients’ needs and performance goals. A micronutrient test can be done to determine your needs for additional minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.  We will work with you to create the right IV solution for your body. Please note that CRIC strictly follows standard protocols for safety and efficacy, and we do not use any illegal drugs for performance enhancement. All of our IV therapy treatments are administered by skilled and caring Registered Nurses.

We recommend IV infusion therapy not only for serious athletes, but also for anyone who pushes themselves during sports, competitions, or workout sessions. Athletes can shorten their recovery time and boost their abilities with IV infusion therapy both before and after athletic events or training sessions.

If you are over the age of 30, getting your hormones checked with us in order to optimize your health and performance is an added step you can take for vitality, stamina, and improved performance.

It might be the extra boost you need to set your personal record!

How to Get Started with IV Therapy for Athletes in Denver, CO

At CRIC, we always customize treatments to align with each patient’s current medical care and training schedule. We routinely partner with our patients’ psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, nutritionists, and other care team members to create a comprehensive treatment plan together. Treatment begins with an in-person evaluation to determine if IV therapy for athletic performance is right for you. We’ll also present you with other options if we feel they might be a better choice for your care.

We recommend our athletic patients to schedule weekly IV treatments during periods of intense training, on the day before a big event, and on the day after an event to promote a speedy recovery.  Contact us and tell us about what you’re working towards, and we’ll work with you and your schedule to determine the right regimen.

Please Note: Our center is guided by our founder, physician Dr. Beth Ballen, M.D, and all treatments are administered by skilled and caring Registered Nurses.