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We were desperate because our son had become suicidal, just seconds away from being hospitalized honestly. Dr. Ballen got him in though, and I don’t even know how but we talked him into trying the ketamine infusions as well as the IV amino acids.

The ketamine, I’ll be honest, had us a little scared and sounded a little out there. But after the second day, my son was calmer and less agitated. By the third infusion, it was as if this horribly dark cloud lifted that had been following him around for months. After that third treatment, he went to lunch with us for the first time in quite a while and was actually smiling. It felt like we were witnessing a miracle, literally. We just can’t speak enough about it. It was as if he was in the depths of darkness and they pulled him out.

We were hanging on by a thread and we didn’t know if we would be able to make it, and now we feel like we can and we probably will. Dr. Ballen provides hope, a vision of hope and we have not had that in a long time.

– H.S., Denver


I’d been addicted to opioids for a year and a half, and I was able to stop them completely – and all naturally – thanks to the 10-day outpatient program of IV amino acids at Colorado Recovery Infusion Center. It’s been two months since I finished the aminos, and I still haven’t had any cravings for opioids. My anxiety’s also better, and I’m even working out again for the first time since I was diagnosed with anxiety.

In my case, I’d been prescribed Oxycontin for a few small injuries but the dose was insanely high and I was taking five 30-milligram Oxycontins a day. By the time they ran out I was hooked on them and needed more, and that’s actually when my anxiety began. I’d come to Dr. Ballen to discuss my anxiety actually, and that’s when I learned that the IV amino acid program for detoxing from opioids even existed.

During the first couple days of treatment I was lethargic and tired, but after about the fourth or fifth day I really starting noticing results. And I only had one day with withdrawal symptoms, which was a relief because I’d heard how extremely harsh withdrawing from opioids could be.

Dr. Ballen put me at ease right away and I never felt uncomfortable or like I was being judged or anything like that. Nurse Tara was also unbelievable, and super easy to talk to while I was doing all my treatment. Everything about the whole program was just amazing, including the follow up and check-ins.

It was almost an 80 mile drive each way for me, but that’s how much I believed in the treatment and thought that it would work for me. Thankfully I was right.

– Jason H., 10-Day Amino Acid IV Treatment Program


My name is Amy Schaeffer. I am 29 years old and I have been a patient with Dr. Ballen and Colorado Recovery Infusion Center for over a year.

I originally came to Dr. Ballen because I was looking for someone who wasn’t solely in the practice of prescribing synthetic medications. I wanted something that was natural and effective, and Dr. Ballen was able to provide that for me.   The conversation of IV Infusion began when I told Dr. Ballen I was interested in something natural to replace the synthetics I had been taking for years. I am impatient and wanted something that would work quickly.

IV Infusion was the clear answer as it takes just 10 days and begins working on repairing your neurotransmitters immediately. After the 10 day cycle, I had no trouble staying off my synthetic medication and was able to fully and successfully function as if nothing had happened. Immediately my sleep improved, I started seeing considerable gains in my performance at the gym and the constant nagging I used to feel to take my synthetic medication went away. I finally felt free and clear!

The entire process from start to finish was a breeze! I spoke directly with the IV nurse, was able to set-up my appointments in a timely-manner and the office was willing to work with me on timing and completion dates. The professionalism I experienced was exceptional and I would recommend this treatment to anyone with interest.

– Amy Schaeffer, 10-Day Amino Acid IV Treatment Program


As a small business owner of 28 years, I value businesses that deliver quality products and services with competent professionalism and that is the case in my experience with Ballen Medical and Colorado Recovery Infusion Center as one of their clients.   The IV infusion program is an excellent tool in helping one recover from addiction issues/self- medicating which is my case as I am working on healing PTSD from childhood traumas.   Ballen Medical’s therapeutical staff have also been outstanding and significant in my recovery program. Dr Ballen’s passion and commitment to help individuals recover and lead healthy, vibrant lives is why I offered to share my experience with others about Ballen Medical and their effective IV infusion program.   As they say, ‘if you keep doing what you’re doing, you keep getting what you’re getting…. is that good?’ Getting help is how I’m experiencing more “good” in my life and Ballen Medical is helping me to achieve that.

– Mary G.


My deep depression, anxiety, and PTSD started long before this became debilitating. I tried to ignore the symptoms for too long, working too many hours, not taking care of myself, and suppressing everything inside. A psychologist recommended me to see Dr. Beth Ballen before he could work with me, taking in the fact I needed my medication adjusted before we could move forward.

He provided Dr. Ballen’s name and number and recommended her highly. He mentioned that she is the best Psychiatrist in her field, prescribing the correct medication. Dr. Beth Ballen listens to you to understand you and your symptoms and what medicine to prescribe to correct them.   Dr. Ballen adjusted my dosage and medicine until she found what was providing relief for me. For a few months, I was feeling better, and then I slipped into the “hole” again due to the stress I placed on myself. It was not due to the medication, I am still on the same medications today as she prescribed when she found the correct combination.   I was not helping myself; I was relying too much on the medications to do all the work. I ended back in the hospital after six months for the second time, for another 5 days.

When released from the hospital, Dr. Ballen recommended I try the “10-day Amino Acid Treatment”. She has had great success with prior patients and thought that would certainly do me good if I tried it. At this point, I was desperate to feel like a normal human being and get not only my life back, my clarity of mind.   Therefore, I agreed to try the “10-day Amino Acid Treatment”. Do not get me wrong I was originally skeptical, but I have total confidence in Dr. Ballen and the excellent care and devotion she has provided for me. I should not speak for others, but I am going out on a limb and say all her other patients would probably have to agree.

Customarily you start treatment on Monday, have 5 days of treatment with the weekend off; begin again for another 5 days, then you are done. I can’t say I was not a little nervous, because I was. However Suzanne, who is employed by Dr. Ballen; is the nurse that administers the “10-day Amino Acid Treatment” she makes you feel so welcome and is so accommodating. Suzanne explains to you what she will be doing systematically, and if you have a question(s), she unequivocally will answer them. Suzanne will also monitor your vital signs, three times throughout the treatment. (In addition, she is one of the best in administrating an IV, does not hurt at all.)

I now have 3 days left in my ”10-day Amino Acid Treatment” and I am so glad I took Dr. Beth Ballen’s advice. I definitely can feel the difference already and see the contrast in my thoughts (more positive than negative), I actually feel like accomplishing what I need to accomplish, (instead of lying in bed) due to the fact I have more energy!   In addition… a smile has resurfaced on my face, again. To everyone who may read this, I would highly recommend this ”10-day Amino Acid Treatment”. I am looking forward to the long-term effects of this product to help along with the medication I am currently taking.

– Deborah Ranslem