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We use intravenous amino acid, vitamin and mineral formulas to intensively treat both the cause and symptoms of addiction. Through the use of IV therapy, our natural detox for alcohol, drug, and marijuana program is designed to replenish your body’s neurotransmitter stores extremely quickly, helping to diminish your cravings.

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Video Transcript: Our Natural Detox Program

Dr. Beth Ballen, Physican & Founder of CRIC and Ballen Medical:

Hello I’m Beth Ballen and today like to talk to you about natural detox. Our natural detoxification program can provide comfort and decrease withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings.

Typically, within three days of treatment we provide a detoxification from a number of substances including prescription medication, alcohol, marijuana; opiates including heroin, meth amphetamines; benzodiazepines including Xanax, clonazepam, and Valium, among other substances.

Marijuana use has increased substantially since the legalization of medical marijuana and our recreational marijuana in several states including here in Colorado. With an increase in use, comes an increase in dysfunction and addiction, especially among adolescents and young adults.

Marijuana has not only become readily available but in a lot of cases is much stronger and potent than strains in the past.  Marijuana can cause depression, anxiety, and psychosis. Often people experienced a decrease in motivation, concentration, and focus. Marijuana use in addiction is a problem in itself but marijuana is also a gateway drug that can often lead to abuse and addiction of other substances as well.

With our natural amino acid detoxification program, patients experience relief from the negative symptoms of marijuana use, as well as ending to the cravings associated with chronic marijuana use.

If you’d like more information on marijuana detoxification or other addiction treatments please call us or visit our website at coloradorecoveryinfusioncenter.com