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Many people’s New Year’s resolutions have to do with weight loss goals: getting in shape or changing their eating habits. Not surprisingly, many of these well intentioned efforts do not succeed. After a few weeks of crash dieting or quitting cupcakes, people find themselves right back in their old habits. Why are the failure rates for health-related New Year’s resolutions so high? And, what can we do make a meaningful headstart on our health goals for 2015?

Recognize that New Year’s is Not Magical

While symbolically important, the advent of New Year’s is just another night. The importance of making a promise to yourself on this particular night is traditional, but no more potent than making a promise on any other night. Let go of the mysticism of New Year’s and recognize that you don’t need a promise, you need a plan. You may also need some help, and possibly some amino acid balancing to get you on your way. Promises don’t fulfill themselves and all of us slip up and make mistakes, so don’t be too hard on yourself if your New Year’s resolution doesn’t magically come true.

Make a Plan for Your Weight Loss Goals

Now that you’ve resolved to lose weight this year and forgiven yourself for not ‘automagically’ succeeding at that goal, it’s time to make a real fitness plan for the year ahead. Our staff at Colorado Recovery Infusion Center in Denver, CO, are well versed in creating customized diet and exercise routines that will help you make concrete, measurable progress toward your goals. Incorporating a regime of amino acid therapy into your plan is a good way to keep the body balanced, particularly when going through a major change in diet, which can alter the active enzymes your body produces to digest food. Nutrition and lifestyle changes can be complicated, but making a solid plan is the first step you need to take on your road to making a real difference in your health this year.

Get The Support You Need

You are not alone. Whatever your fitness or weight loss goal might be this year, there are lots of other people in the same situation. At Colorado Recovery Infusion Center, we like to foster a community that supports, nurtures, and looks out for its members. We know that getting ahead of your new year’s resolution will take time and dedication and that there will be some stumbling along the way. But, with the right support, we can help get you looking and feeling great in 2015.