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You have probably heard a lot about the coronavirus disease lately. As people travel for the holidays, COVID-19 is spreading faster than ever. If you have COVID-19 or think you may have been exposed, getting a test done is important to protecting your loved ones and your community, as well as getting back to work sooner.  The FDA has been working tirelessly to increase tests for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Local health departments and community testing sites have been working around the clock to provide their communities with adequate testing. However, appointments are difficult to schedule and booked-out for weeks. Waiting lines can be several hours long. Colorado Recovery Infusion Center has a COVID-19 testing plan that allows same-day appointments and results within just 24-36 hours. 


Covid-19 Testing Colorado

You can check state-wide COVID-19 updates through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment website.

Diagnostic Tests

There are two main types of tests that are available to the public. 

  • Rapid, point-of-care diagnostic tests use a mucus sample from the nose or throat but can be analyzed at the doctor’s office or clinic where the sample is collected and results may be available in minutes. These may be molecular or antigen tests.
  • RT-PCR (polymerise chain reaction) also known as a molecular test, detects the genetic information of the virus, the RNA.

How are these tests performed?  

Nasal swabs, throat swabs, and tests of saliva or other bodily fluids.

Which test is more accurate? 

There is no perfect test and it’s not exactly clear how accurate these tests are. PCR tests provide a false negative up to 30% of the time, while Rapid tests report false negatives at a rate as high as 50%. Getting a PCR test can require some effort. However, these tests detect viral RNA, which is present in the body before antibodies have even formed symptoms of the disease. Therefore, PCR tests are your best bet for identifying the virus.

Colorado Recovery Infusion Center– COVID-19 Testing Center

There are many companies and labs that have developed tests to diagnose COVID-19. Colorado Recovery Infusion Center has registered nurses on-site working to get patients tested with the most accurate test available, the PCR test. These samples are then sent to a verified, private laboratory, allowing results to get back to patients sooner, in just 24-36 hours. Because we are working through a private lab, we do not accept insurance policies at this time. PCR testing at our site costs $150, and tests are readily available and easy to access. 

Colorado Recovery Infusion Center – Workplace Testing 

It is necessary for businesses to keep their employees and their families safe. Many offices, restaurants, and businesses are having to shut-down as employees cannot get access to necessary testing, or cannot get their test results back soon enough. Currently, employees are having to stay home for weeks to quarantine and protect their offices. 

Colorado Recovery Infusion Center sends registered nurses to your office to have your employees tested, with no lines and no scheduling hassle. Our trained nurses will arrive with the necessary materials and can test up to 20 patients in an hour. Tests results will be received the following day. With just one simple visit, offices can stay open and keep their employees safe. 

Book Individual Appointments or Workplace Testing Today

Unfortunately, booking a test for COVID-19 can be confusing, as testing centers are booked for weeks, and testing site locations are constantly changing. We believe in stopping the spread of COVID-19 in your offices and at home. Our team of registered nurses at the Colorado Recovery Infusion Center are highly experienced. For just $150, you can book a same-day appointment, get tested, and get your results back by the next day. We also offer workplace testing, where our nurses can come into your office and get up to 20 employees tested in an hour. We guarantee our patients a safe, private, and nurturing testing environment. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for yourself or your workplace, give us a call at (303) 880-8300 or visit our infusion suite in Centennial, CO, just south of Denver.